Quality Tube Services have established themselves as one of the leaders in the piping fabrication sector in South Africa.

We continually strive to offer competitive pricing, excellent engineering and superior service to a variety of clients.

We regard our core business as not simply to supply pipes and fittings to the construction industry, but also to provide a service to our clients covering the full spectrum of their piping requirements. This means that we get involved with the clients project where necessary, thus being able to scrutinise their requirements, making the correct recommendations, improvements and comments based on our experience and expertise.

  • Fabricator of Carbon and Stainless Steel Pipe and Fittings
  • Fabricators of Structural Steel and Plate Work
  • Suppliers of HDPE pipe and associated fittings
  • Suppliers of Carbon and Stainless Steel pipes and fittings
  • Importer of Carbon Steel Pipe and Flanges
  • In-house pipe engineering design facility
  • Application of protection systems including:
    • painting
    • rubber lining
    • HDPE lining
    • cement mortar lining
    • polyethylene lining
  • Wholesale trading division offering great pricing and service