BEE Status

Value Add

  • Planned Strategy to ensure compliance
  • Contribution
  • Empowerment Upliftment


  • Concluded an equity share sale transaction with BEE Candidate/s.


  • Assisting in college education (Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Internal Training


  • BEE Interest
  • 25 -50% achieved to date
  • Joint Management and Control
  • Study Loans Issued
  • Jobs created
  • Computer Resources and Training

Environmental Policy

Our vision is to do all that is reasonably practicable to ensure and maintain a healthy and safe workplace for all our employees and to conduct our activities in an environmentally responsible manner. We will ensure that we promote open communication on environmental issues by:

  • Consulting with communities and all other concerned parties about environmental programmes.
  • Openly make available our environmental statistics and reports.

Equally, we accept our responsibility to provide leadership in sustainable environmental practices and to minimise environmental impact by establishing an environmental management system that covers all aspects of our business and we shall endeavour to protect the environment by:

  • Conserving energy.
  • Reducing emissions and waste generated by our operations.
  • Promoting the sustainable use of renewable resources.
  • Utilising finite resources efficiently.
  • Promoting the use of environmentally acceptable materials, products and service.
  • Researching into ways to reduce environmental degradation.
  • Measuring and managing the environmental impact of our activities.

We shall foster continual improvement by:

  • Establishing demanding environmental targets.
  • Developing responsible in-house standards where on regulations exist.
  • Contributing to the development of public policy on the environment.
  • Educate, train and motivate all employees to regard environmental considerations as an integral and vial element of their day-to-day activities.
  • Conducting environmental audits at regular intervals.

Health and Safety Policy

Quality Tube Services cc attaches the greatest importance to the prevention of any form of loss, and in particular to the Health and Safety of all employees, as far as is reasonably practicable.

Management of Quality Tube Services cc considers no area of its operation or administration as being of greater importance than that of “Loss Incident” prevention. Quality Tube Services cc therefore considers that each of its managers, supervisors and employees are responsible for Health, Safety and Welfare within their respective areas.

The attitude and co-operation of each employee will ensure that the Health and Safety conditions are achieved and losses minimised. Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment must always be a pre-requisite on all areas of our operations.

The following will be standard policy:

  • Safe and Hygienic working conditions.
  • Regular health and safety checks.
  • Planning new and more effective measures.
  • In-house health and safety training.
  • Immediate implementation of viable health and Safety suggestions.
  • Identifying and rectifying unsafe work practices.

The Quality Tube Services cc line and staff management openly commit themselves to active participation in the implementation of this Health and Safety Management Policy.